How to make biodegradable plastics producing more simple?

We offer new solution with our brand new formula OSEP101 biodegradable additive, which is designed to wildly applied in plastic containers, shopping handbag, bag, mulch film, and various packing production. The makers don’t need to purchase new equipment and change procedure, the most important is makers and related sellers could use less budget and cost to have eco-friendly plastics as well as more selling profit.

The application of environmental biotechnology is the future trend. Recycling of resources and reduction of pollution are the goals of our joint efforts. Please work with us to establish a model for green environmental protection….

What is OSEP101 ?

it is a combined substance involved, oyster’shell made nano grade Caco3 powder, exclusive formula of bio-degradation, and a few of HDPE, compounded with exclusive nano-meter tech. In addition, it could be applied to not only plastic bags but also more plastic products production line such as injection, extruding, blowing, and even coating. Usually the adding ratio range is from 10% to 40% even max. to 90%, it is depend on your demand.

Principle of degradation:

The first stage, rapid macromolecular chain decomposition:

The formula contains nano-grade calcium carbonate and marine trace elements, which will embrittle plastic under the action of soil and air, sunlight and water.

The second stage, rapid biodegradation:

The new formula contains chitin and natural degradation formula to attract soil microorganisms to erode the broken plastic and start the biodegradation process. During the proliferation process, the microorganisms multiply the nutrients through the special formula, release special enzymes, accelerate the biodegradation process, and finally the The carbon source assimilate and release water, carbon dioxide and calcium oxide.

Application industry and scope:

Replace disposable plastic products:
For example, disposable shopping bags, cleaning garbage bags, medical packaging bags, medical special bags (boxes), trays, cups, straws, spoons, table napkins, plastic bubble wrap, light raincoats, bath caps, gloves, foamed films, breathable films, food packing and containers, lotion containers, anti-static dust clothes, etc.

Agricultural and industrial products:
For example, woven bags for packaging rice, corn grains, feed, etc., cover film, protective film, nursery cups, foamed fruit nets, packaging materials, industrial packaging films (bags), containers, wires and cables, folders, Anti-static film (bag) for electronic products, etc.

Engineering plastic material products:
For example, digital electronics, home appliances, computer housings, furniture, toolboxes, toys, pallets, and other plastic products.

Adding Ratio:

Percentage of composition
T-shirt bagHDPE 60% + OSEP101 40%
Bottle blowingLDPE or HDPE 70% + OSEP101 30%
Trash bagHDPE 40% + LLDPE 10% + OSEP101 50%
Disposable tablewarePP 50% + OSEP101 50%
PE, PS foamingPE or PS 60% + OSEP101 40%
Mulch filmLDPE or LLDPE or HDPE 60% + OSEP101 40%
Knitting bagHDPE 60% + OSEP101 40%
Injection PP,PS, PC, PVC, ABS, 60%~80% + OSEP101 40%~20%
Foaming PE, PS 60% + OSEP101 40%

Features and Advantages:

  1. Conform to FDA food and standard 21 CFR 177.1520.
  2. Good printability and high gloss.
  3. No oil dripping, no black smoke, no secondary pollution when burning.
  4. Environmental protection and cost reduction.
  5. OSEP101 made plastics own porosity, and it is suitable for diapers, non-woven fabrics, and rain coats producing.
  6. No dust pollution during operation and production.
  7. No toxic gas generated during incineration, and no stinking from the wall of the incinerator, extending the life of the incinerator life.
  8. White opaque, can reduce the amount of pigment used.
  9. Good anti-static property, suitable for electronic products.
  10. Good ductility, the thickness of blown film products can reach to 0.015mm.
  11. The same operating conditions, good plasticity, high dispersion, good fluidity, low friction, can increase productivity and extend the service life of the screw.
  12. Reduce the use of petroleum-based resins, in line with energy-saving and low-carbon global implementation policies.



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