OSEP101 Bio-degradable additive

Well Lim Industrial Co. Ltd. was fund in 2009, selling various plastic additive initially. 

In Taiwan, oyster culture is popular, and which leads to oyster’s shell surplus as well.   It  was pity while dumping so much oyster’s shell as trash.  According to research, the oyster shell’s ingredient owns high content of calcium carbonate as well as trace metal.

In addition to applying in stuffing and compost, one of our partner was inspired to use oyster shell to develop high-added-value product to help our home town.  Meanwhile, we also consider plastics abuse already threat our environment, we decided to integrate oyster shell with some other  material to develop a new substitute for conventional plastics.

In 2010, we launched 1st generation of OSEP101, which could be combined with almost all plastic materials  and making various green plastics.  In the same year we exported it to international market like Brazil, China, and Egypt successfully.

In recent years, some customers give feedback to us constantly, that international market demanded new generation product which could own features of making bio-degradable plastics achieved to higher ratio biodegradation in shorter time.  

Fortunately, we successfully developed 2nd generation product OSEP101-5A in time, after putting a lot of efforts for almost a decade, certainly we still insist and maintain the main core of new product as oyster shell.   And here we are willing to share our results with everyone.

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